Sorrento by taxi, Sorrento, Italy (Photo )

The taxi cabs of Sorrento—plus car services, private transfers, and chauffeur services

You can find taxi cabs by the train station and on Piazza Tasso.

Taxis cost €4 ($5) for the flag fall, plus €0.40 ($0) every 125m or 1 minute of standing still.

Add €0.50 ($1) per bag, and €3 ($4) after 10pm.

You can call a taxi in the center (tel. 081-878-2204) or train station (tel. 081-877-2484)



Do not use a taxi for the airport

Do not use a taxi cab to get to or from a Paris airport. The service is great, sure, but it is incredibly expensive—and wholly unneccesary.

For example, a taxi to or from Charles de Gaulle will run you €50–€55 (that's $64–$121). You can get the same airport-to-hotel service for just €12–€82 ($19–$52) per person by booking a private transfer from ahead of time—or take the fast RER train for €9.75.


General tips of similar interest

Watch that meter! (Photo by Chris Goldberg)

Always use official, licensed cabs or trusted car services—and watch that meter