Sorrento buses and elevators

How to use the bus and public elevator system in Sorrento

To get down to the Marina Piccola ferry port and such, there is a system of tiny public buses.

Bus tickets in Sorrento cost €1.30 ($2).

  • Busruns from the train station to Piazza Tasso (city center) and Corso Italia (the main drag). 
  • Busruns from Piazza Tasso out Via Capo (where you'll find lots of hotels). 
  • Buses B and C run from Piazza Tasso down to Marina Piccola (ferry dock) and back again.
  • Bus E connects the station with the Hotel Hilton Sorrento Palace, Via Parsano, and Via degli Aranci.

Buses run about every 20 minutes.

Sorrento elevators

There are public elevators from the Villa Comunale park down to the swimming piers by Marina Piccola. » more


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