Taking a public bus to Siracusa

Siracusa bus stations

Two main coach lines service Siracusa:

The Siracusa bus depot is near the train station on Corso Umberto.

Buses to Siracusa

From Catania to Siracusa, both Interbus and AST run buses at least hourly (every two hours on Sundays). Handily, the Interbus one also stops at Catania airport along the way. ~90 min

From Taormina to Siracusa, Interbus runs 10 buses daily (7 on Sundays). 2.5–3.5 hr

From Noto to Siracusa, Interbus runs 4 buses (3 Sunday); AST runs 6–10 daily (2 on Sunday). 50–60 min

From Ragusa to Siracusa, AST has 5 buses daily except Sunday 2.5–3 hr.; Interbus runs 7 buses (4 on Sundays). 2.5–34 hr

From Caltagirone to Siracusa, Interbus runs 2 buses daily (none Sunday), AST runs 1 bus daily. 3.5–4 hr

From Piazza Armerina to Siracusa, Interbus runs 5 buses daily (2 on Sunday). 3–4 hr

From Palermo, Interbus runs 3 buses daily (including Sundays) to Siracusa. 3–3.5 hr

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