Siracusa buses and trams

How to use the bus and tram system in Siracusa

AST city buses make circular routes.

Many buses start/end at Via G. Rubino, in front of the main train station.

The bus you will use the most is the red Navetta electric bus, which is the only one that trundles around the edges of Ortigia, then makes a big counterclockwise loop through the mainland "new city" (stopping by the major sights), before passing nearish the train station and heading back to Ortigia.

This shuttle run every 20 min:

  • Jan-June: 8am to 8pm
  • July-Dec: 9am–9pm (though Fri-Sun it skips the 3–4pm hour)

Bus tickets cost €1 ($1).

Note that there use to be three of these shuttles but, you know: budget cuts. Check with the local tourist office in case they've been reintroduced. 


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