Passeggiata in Siena ★★

The evening stroll in Siena

Stroll with the locals during Siena's popular evening passeggiata, which starts around 4:30pm.

It concentrates on Via di Città and the southern arm of Via Banchi di Sopra, but I recommend heading up to the northernmost tip of Via Banchi di Sopra (the street changes names a few times; just keep on it) to the Porta Camollia city gate.

From there, you can walk the entire main ridge upon which Siena is built, back down the main drag, joining the passeggiata crowds for a Campari at the Caffé Nannini (Via Banchi di Sopra 22-24;

Continue down quieter Via Banchi di Sotto, dogleg right at Via S. Girolamo, then left up Via dei Servi to the rough brick façade of Santa Maria dei Servi church.

From the grassy square out front, the views spill across a verdant valley to a sunset over the cathedral on the opposite ridge.

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How long does Passeggiata take?

Stroll for however long you like—usually 30–45 minutes.