Getting from Salerno to the Amalfi Coast by traghetto (ferry) or aliscafo (hydrofoil)

The most refined, breezy way to get to the Amalfi Coast is by boat—and, coming from Salerno, this is the preferred way, as the only real alternative is the the bus, which in this direction hugs the inside lane (i.e. up against the cliffs) of the famous Amalfi Drive coastal road, rather than the scenic outside lane.

Ferry route Travel time Ticket
Salerno to Amalfi 35 min. €8 ($9)
Salerno to Positano 70 min. €12 ($14)

Fast ferries along the coast from Salerno are operated by (tel. +39-089-872-950), with 7 departures daily (same with returns) from April to October.

(Keep in mind that schedules change seasonally and can be altered due to weather—so always check directly with them for current departure times).

Note: There are also two slower boats (50 minutes to Amalfi) each day operated by (tel. +39-089-871-483).

The Salerno ferry docks

Ferries up the Amalfi Coast leave Salerno from the docks on Piazza della Concordia, along the SS18/Viale Trieste at the eastern edge of the city center.

If you are arriving by train (or Amalfi Coast bus), just head out of the train station and walk four short blocks straight ahead down Via Mauro Clemente toward the water, then angle to the right once you are on the waterfront piazza.

The ferry docks are right behind that giant column with a statue on top. You can't miss it.

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