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Why visit Rome?

Bucatini all'Amatriciana, one of my favorite Italian dishes (Photo by stu_spivack)

All the best there is to eat (and drink) in Rome


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Festivals, holidays, traditions, and other events in Rome

The Colosseum at sunrise

Classic sights and experiences that just scream "You're in Rome now!"

A detail from Pietro Cavallini's amazing late 13C frescoes, hidden in the nun's cloistered loft

My favorite things to see and do—and places to sleep and eat—in Rome


What do do in Rome that will make the whole family happy—Sights, experiences, restaurants, tours, and more


Free on the first Sunday of the month


Italy has a number of the world's smallest countries actually contained within its borders, from the hilltown Republic of San Marino to the world's most famous theocracy: Vatican City

Coda alla vaccinara (oxtail stew), a traditional dish made from the quinto quarto

Going more in-depth on some aspects of Roman history, life, culture, and travel experiences


Sorry. Nothing fits that criteria.

The Eva Prima Pandora (c 1550) by French Renaissance painter Jean Cousin, in the Louvre Museum

Art and architecture in Italy


From ancient Romans, Greeks, and Etruscans to the Renaissance to World War II, a brief primer on Italian history


The mysteries of the metric system


Famous people throughout Italian history