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Tourism information offices and desks in Rome

Rome tourism info kiosks around town

Rome also has tourist info kiosks (most open daily 9:30am–7pm) dispensing maps and pamphlets and selling RomaPass sightseeing card and tickets for tourist buses at the following locations:

At major transport hubs

  • Fiumicino airportat the International Arrivals Terminal 3 [which until 2010 was called Terminal B–C] (open daily 8am–9pm).
  • Ciampino airportat the baggage claim (open daily 8am–6pm).
  • Termini train station, at track 24 (technical address: Via Giovanni Giolitti 34; open daily 8am–6:45pm)

In the historic center

  • Fori Imperiali, not a kiosk but an office on Via dei Fori Imperiali, just across from the location of the hulking Basilica of Maxentius in the Roman Forum, between Largo Corrado Ricci and Piazza del Colosseo, just down from the Imperial Fori and up fom the Colosseum (open daily 9:30am–7pm, Jul-Aug to 8pm)
  • Minghetti, on Via Marco Minghetti, near the Piazza Venezia end of Via del Corso, about halfway between the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain (open daily 9:30am–7pm)
  • Piazza Navonaon Piazza delle Cinque Lune (open daily 9:30am–7pm)
  • Barberini, at Via di San Basilio 51, near Via di Bascilia, a long block NE of Piazza Barberini (open Mon-Thurs 8am–6pm, Fri 8am–5pm)

Across the Tiber (Vatican/Trastevere)

  • Castel Sant'Angelo, on Piazza Pia (open daily Apr-Oct 9:30am–7pm, Nov-Mar 8:30am–6pm)
  • Sonnino on Piazza Sidney Sonnino in Trastevere (open daily 10.30am–8pm)
  • San Pietro, on Largo del Colonnato at the intersection with Via dei Corridori, just NE of the collonade around St. Peter's Square (to the right, if you are facing St. Peter's) (open daily 9am–6pm)

South of Termini (Esquiline/Viminal)

  • Nazionale, on Via Nazionale in front of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni (open daily 9:30am–7pm)
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