Ciampino airport

Rome's secondary airport, Ciampino (CIA), about 15km (9 miles) S of the city, is where many domestic and some low-cost flights land

Many charter and continental flights land at Rome's smaller, secondary Ciampino Airport, 15km (9 miles) south of the city.

How to get from Rome's Ciampino airport into downtown Rome

  • By bus to Termini (30–50 min.; €5 ($6)–€7 ($8)) - The easiest way to downtown Rome from Ciampino airport is the (€4.90 ($6))—an offshoot of the regional public Cotral buses—every 30 minutes that uses a stop on Via Giolitti on the south flank of Termini train station.

    There's also the (€4 ($5)–€6 ($7)) which stops at Via Marsala 5—and, oddly, costs €5 ($6) coming from the airport, but €6 ($7) going to it; and the Terravision shuttle bus (tel. 06-9761-0632;, which has departures every 40 minutes or so (usually timed to arrivals of major flights). It arrives in downtown Rome at Via Marsala 29A (the Terracafè), by the northwest corner of Termini train station. Tickets are €7 ($8) if bought on board, or €5 ($6) if bought online ahead of time.
  • By bus to Roma Anagnina (8 min, €1.10 ($1)) - The cheaper route downtown is the public COTRAL bus (tel. 800-174-471 or 06-7204-7205; outside the terminal; it only costs €1.10 ($1) and leaves two to four times per hour for the 8–minute trip to Anagnina, the terminus of Metro line A, where you can grab a subway to Stazione Termini (another ~30 min and €6 ($7)). 
  • By private car (30–60 min.; €13 ($15)–€64 ($75)): A private transfer between Ciampino airport and your city center hotel costs just €13 ($15) to €32 ($38) per person, depending on how many are traveling—€13 ($15) per person for eight people, €32 ($38) per person for two, €64 ($75) for just one person. (The shared transfer is always cheaper, costing just €20 ($24) per person for 1 to 3 people.)
  • By taxi (40–50 min.; €30 ($35)): A taxi from Ciampino airport to downtown Rome will cost €30 ($35), including luggage.

Getting between Rome's Fiumicino and Ciampino airports

In the off-chance you find yourself having to transfer directly between Rome's Ciampino and the Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci airports, you could take any of the methods of transporation described above into Rome and then back out to the other airport, but it is far easier and less stressful just to take a taxi directly,

The fixed fee for a taxi betwen the Rome airports is €50 ($59).

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