How to get around in Rome

From the Metro (subway) and the bus to taxis, shared bikes, and other transportation options in Rome

In brief: you'll get around Rome mostly by foot and by bus.

The Rome Metro (subway) system is not terribly convenient (plus you'll miss too much riding underground), taxis are expensive and not really all that faster than buses (though convenient when you have an early flight and anytime you have luggage).

You'd be nuts to drive in Rome.

Okay. On to the details.


The Métro is Rome's subway system


How to get into Rome's centro storico (historic center) from Termini rail station

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How to rent a bicycle in Rome

By bus

How to use the autobus (bus) and tram system in Rome

The Traffic Light Tree is a a 1998 sculpture by Pierre Vivant, not a real traffic signal, but still indicative of how confusing it can be to drive in Paris. (Photo )
By car

Do NOT, under any circumstances, rent a car to get around Rome. If you are renting one to leave the city, however, read on for tips.


How to rent a scooter, moped, or vespa in Rome

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The taxi cabs of Rome—plus car services, private transfers, and chauffeur services


A rundown of the main streets, piazzas, and neighborhoods to help you navigate the Eternal City


Tickets (biglietti) and passes for riding the Rome Métro, bus, and tram public transit system

Italy is best on foot (Photo )

Getting around Rome by foot—the best method

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A good road map of Italy can save you time and help you discover places and things not in your guidebook

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