How to get to Positano, Italy, by train, car, or bus

Positano is along the Amalfi Drive, 18km (11 miles; 35–45 min) south over the peninsula from Sorrento, and 19km (12 miles; 45–60 min) west of Amalfi.

Postiano has two bus stops

Note that, when arriving by the popular Amalfi Coast bus, Postiano has two bus stops, both right along the Amalfi Coast road:

  • Chiesa Nuova is on the west side of town, by the Bar Internazionale at Viale Pasitea. it is the first stop you come to when riding the bus from Sorrento, and is where you want to get off if you are staying near the upper west end of town (like at the Hotel Casa Albertina) or a hotel in the quiet Fornillo neighborhood—to which there is a Positano minibus from the same stop (ask "per Fornillo?" as you board to make sure it's the right bus—and to signal the driver that you're a tourist and he'll need to tell you when to get off).
  • Sponda —the second Positano stop coming from Sorrento—is the main stop. It lies at the eastern edge of town, where Via Cristoforo Colombo meets the Amalfi Coast road, and is where to alight for central Positano hotels.
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