The basic layout and entrances to Pompeii

The Pompeii archaeological park takes up the western half of the city of Pompei (which, yes, has just the one "i" at the end, though it's pronounced the same).

Pompeii itself now has three entrances:

  • Porta Marina — The original entrance, at the park's SW corner on Via Villa dei Misteri, just down from the Pompeii Scavi-Villa dei Misteri train station.
  • Piazza Esedra — Also at the park's SW corner, around the corner from the Porta Marina entrance, near where Via Villa dei Misteri meets Via Plinio.
  • Piazza Anfiteatro — Near the park's SE corner, at Piazza Immacolata, where Via Plinio becomes Via Roma. It's near the Pompeii basilica (the tower of which has great views). It is also just a few blocks from the Pompei train station (on a different EAV/Circumvesuviana line).

There's also an exit in the park's NW corner near the famous Villa dei Misteri—a frescoed villa which is a bit removed from the rest of the park, but well worth the walk. Sadly, this is an exit only; you cannot reenter the park from here—however it it close to a few good inexpensive lodgings and therefore handy if you are staying in one. 

Here's the official PDF site plan of the Pompeii archaeological park.

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