Pisa festivals ★★

Festivals, holidays, traditions, and other events in Pisa

Since the 1400s, teams from the north and south sides of the Arno have dressed in Renaissance costume and tried their darndest to run one another over with a giant, seven-ton decorated cart on the Ponte di Mezzo, site the city’s old Roman bridge. This inverse tug-o-war, called the Gioco del Ponte, is held on the last Sunday in June.

Also in June (16-17) is the Festa di San Ranieri, when Pisans honor their patron saint by lining the Arno with torches.

The year 2021 marks Pisa’s next turn to host the rotating Regatta of the Great Maritime Republics, in which the medieval Italian ports Venice, Amalfi, Genoa, and Pisa translate their ancient naval rivalries into a slightly less cutthroat boat race.

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