How to use the bus and tram system in Pisa

Bus tickets in Pisa cost €1.50 ($2) if bought at a newstand or tabbachi (indicated by a white-on-brown "T" sign), €2.50 ($3) if bought on board the bus.

Tha handiest Pisa bus routes are:

  • LAM Rossa (red): Runs from the Pisa Centrale train station to the "Torre" stop just W of the Campo dei Miracoli/Piazza del Duomo in just 7 minutes.
  • 21: Follows the same course thorgh downtown as the LAM Rossa, above.
  • Navetta E: Trundles along the Arno, though the downtown, and also stops at "Torre" by the Campo dei Miracoli.   
  • LAM Verde (green): From Pisa Centrale train station across the Arno, and then turns E (right) to run along the Arno.
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