How to get around in Paestum

Taxis, walking, and other transportation options in Paestum

From the Paestum train station, you can bargain with a taxi driver (tel. 334-819-8398, tel. 0828-721-107, or tel. +0828-722-524) for the trip to your hotel (don't go over €25 ($28)).

Otherwise, walk out of the station and continue straight under the arch at the intersection along Via Porta Sirena.

After a 15-minute, 1km (0.6-mile) stroll, the road ends at Via Magna Grecia and the archaeological site and Albergo delle Rose.

Turn right on Via Magna Grecia for the museum, dinky tourist office, and Hotel Il Granaio dei Casabelli (for which you'll then take the next left at Via Porta Aurea/Via Tavernelle).

Turn left on Via Magna Grecia for the main archaological site entrance. To continue to the Nettuno restaurant (and, eventually, the beach): at the end of the archaeological park boundary, then right on Via Nettuno.


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