Only in Naples ★★

Veiled Christ (1753) by Giuseppe Sammartino, Only in Naples, Naples, Italy (Photo courtesy of the museum)
Veiled Christ (1753) by Giuseppe Sammartino, Cappella Sansevero, Naples

Classic sights and experiences that just scream "You're in Naples now!"

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Sights in Naples

Part of the Collezione Farnese (Photo by ho visto nina volare)
Museo Archeologico
Naples: Centro Storico

The Archeological Museum of Naples is one of the top in Europe—and an absolute must if you are visiting Pompeii

Veiled Christ (1753) by Giuseppe Sammartino (Photo courtesy of the museum)
Cappella Sansevero
Naples: Centro Storico

An exuberantly baroque chapel in Naples

 (Photo by Together4europe2012)
Catacombe di San Gennaro
Naples: Capodimonte

The catacombs of San Gennaro

Presepio figurines in a shop on Via San Gregorio Armeno (Photo by John Myers)
I Presepi di Napoli
Naples: Centro Storico

A Neapolitan Bethlehem—The Presepio Christmas Crèche shops of Naples's Via San Gregorio Armeno


Experiences in Naples

 (Photo by elisaboba)

Take a sightseeing cruise on the Bay of Naples

The interior (Photo Public Domain)
Teatro San Carlo
Naples: Centro Storico

One of the world's top opera houses is in Naples


Experiences in Italy

A hot-air balloon ride over Fontainebleau (Photo courtesy of

Weird, random, oddball, and just plain fun tours and activities you can sign up for in Italy


Lodgings in Italy

The Castello di Gargonza in Tuscany is a classic Italian castle turned into a hotel (Photo courtesy of the hotel)

Stay in a real castello and live happily ever after (temporarily) as King and Queen of the castle