Naples docks to train

How to get from the Naples dock of Molo Beverello into the city center or Stazione Centrale/Piazza Garibaldi train station

How to get from Naples docks of Molo Beverello into downtown Naples

Luckily, this is pretty easy. Just walk though the cruise terminal and port stations, cross through the narrow parking lot, and you're at a major boulevard.

Congratulations. You are now in downtown Naples.

To get around Naples, there are taxis, tours, or you can take the buses and trams.

How to get between Stazione Centrale train station and the Naples docks of Molo Beverello

To get from Molo Beverello to the Stazione Centrale train station by public transportation: 

  • Take a taxi — flat fee for service between the station and the docks: €13 ($15) 
  • Hop Bus 151 or tram #1 headed to your right (east), which will follow the port for a while before turning north (left) into the city: €1.60 ($2)
  • Walk around the Castel Nuovo to Piazza Municipio and board the R2 bus: €1.60 ($2)

Beware of pickpockets the whole way (at the bus stop, on the bus/tram, and most especially on Piazza Garibaldi and in the train station).

Hint: If you are planning to take the EAV/Circumvesuviana cummuter train to Pompeii, Herculaneum, or Sorrento (gateway to the Amalfi Coast), get off the 151 bus one stop early along Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, right in front of the ugly cement entrance to the EAV/Circumvesuviana train station.

To get from Stazione Centrale train station to Molo Beverello by public transportation:

First purchase a biglietto (ticket) from any newsstand in Naples Stazione Centrale train station, then exit the station, angle a bit left to cross Piazza Garibaldi to the far side where you'll find the stops for bus 151, bus R2, (and possibly tram #1, if it ever gets running again), any of which will get you to the Molo Beverello. (Ask the driver "Molo Beverello?" and he'll let you know when to get off; he's used to us tourists.) You want the bus or tram headed south (to the left).

On bus 151 or tram #1, it will swing alongside the port past many docks before arriving at Molo Beverello (which is located where the portside boulevard changes names from Via C. Colombo to Via Acton, right in front of the imposing Castel Nuovo castle).

On the R2 bus, get off in Piazza Municipio and walk around the Castel Nuovo to the docks.