Naples docks to the Amalfi Coast

How to get from the Naples dock of Molo Beverello to the Amalfi Coast

This is simple, since the cruise ship port is the same as the ferry docks.

Just hop a ferry or take a boat tour.

There are several companies running ferries and hydrofoils out to Sorrento, gateway to the Amalfi Coast, but rather than visiting each ferry and hydrofoil company's dock office at the docks to find out which one has the next boat out, use the central clearing house:

Just to the left of the driveway into the dock area (to the right, if you're arriving by boat) is Ontano Tours (tel. 081-580-0340), a travel agency that will book you on the next ferry or hydrofoil out, tell you which lines it is, and sell you a voucher that you then carry to that line's dock office to trade in for a ticket—all at no extra cost.

For the record, if you're already at the docks it is, indeed, far, far easier and simpler to just hop a ferry to Sorrento. Do not bother trying to work your way to the Naples train station to catch the commuter train out to Sorrento. It may be marginally cheaper, but way more of a hassle and a headache that, frankly, you don't need.

If you refuse to follow this advice, see this page for how to get from the docks to the Naples train station.

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