Naples taxi cabs

The taxi cabs of Naples—plus car services, private transfers, and chauffeur services

Really, public transit works so well—and strolling the streets so much fun—I rarely find the need to take a taxi in Naples.

Still, late at night or laden with luggage, a cab is not a bad idea. Here's what you need to know.

Where can I get a taxi in Naples?

You usually go to an official taxi stand or taxi rank—which are located near all major tourist sites, city squares, and boulevards.

It is rare in Italy to hail a taxi on the street. You can try to do it, but it's just not something that Italians do and so many (confused) cabbies will not bother to stop for this weird tourist who, for some reason, is frantically waving his or her arms at them from the edge of the sidewalk. 

Alternatively, you can call a taxi to come get you—though that costs a bit more, since the flag falls when they leave to get you, plus there is a call fee. Try these "Radio Taxi" numbers:

  • tel. 081-2222
  • tel. 081-8888
  • tel. 081-0101
  • tel. 081-570-7070

How much do Naples taxis cost?

There's an initial flag fall/pick-up charge of €3.50 ($4)—which rises to €6.50 ($8) between 10pm and 6am and on Sundays and holidays—with a minium fare of €4.50 ($5).

On top of that, rates are based on distance (and/or, if you're stuck in traffic, time): €0.05 ($0) per 48 meters or 8 seconds of idling.

In any legitimate cab, the official rates will be displayed. Only ever take a metered taxi and make sure it is set to charge the appropriate tariff for the time of day.

There are extra fees for baggage (€0.50 ($1) per bag), for more than four people in the car (€2 ($2) per person), and if you call ahead for the taxi (€1.50 ($2)). 

Tip 10% to 15%.

What about taxis to or from the airport in Naples?

Taxis between the Naples airport and downtown Naples take about 15 minutes and cost €18 ($21) to €25 ($29), depending on far away the neighborhood is.

Taxis between the Naples airport and the Molo Beverello docks at the port (for ferries and cruises) take about 25 minutes and cost €21 ($25).

All of those are flat rates, that include extra passengers, baggage, night fees, airport charge, etc. Do not let a driver try to charge you extra for any of those things. The only two legitimate surcharge items not covered by the flat fees are any highway tolls (unlikely), and any "Radio Taxi" fee (if you called ahead for a cab rather than just getting in the taxi line at the airport or at a taxi rank in town).

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Watch that meter! (Photo by Chris Goldberg)

Always use official, licensed cabs or trusted car services—and watch that meter