Milan by public transit

The Métro (subway), bus, and tram system of Milan

An extensive and efficient subway system (Metropolitana Milanese), trams, and buses make it very easy to move around Milan.

The metro closes at midnight, though buses and trams run all night.

Milan public transit tickets cost €2 ($2) and are good for 90 min. of transportation—including any transfers between Metro, bus, tram, or any combination thereof—within the central Milan zone of M1–M3.

(Don't worry about those candy-colored concentric circles on the new transit maps introduced in 2019; that central M1–M3 zone is more than the typical tourist will ever need).

You can also purchase a ticket good for unlimited travel for one day (€7 ($8)) or three days (€12 ($14)).

Tickets are available at Metro stations and at newsstands.

You must stamp your ticket when you board a bus or tram—you can be slapped with a hefty fine if you don’t.


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