Renting a scooter in Florence

How to rent a scooter, moped, or vespa in Florence

You can rent your own scooter or take a guided Vespa tour to explore Florence the way most Florentines do: by motorino.

Note: Traffic is very heavy on the streets of Florence, and the rules and norms of driving are much different from our own.

Keep that in mind, and read the page about smart scootering before taking that Vespa out for a spin.

Renting your own scooter in Florence

Useful Italian

scooter - motorino or scooter
rental - noleggio
one hour - un ora
two hours - due ore
half day - mezzo giorno
one day - un giorno
helmet - casco

There is only one main central shop where you can rent a motorino (motor scooter) in Florence, just northeast of the leather market and train station–area hotels.

However, there is also a service that will deliver you a Vespa (or bike) directly to your hotel, B&B, rental, or whereever you are staying.

  • Alinari, Via San Zanobi 38r (tel. 055-280-500;
    • €15 ($18) per hour, €35 ($41) for 5 hours, €55 ($64) per day for a 125cc motorino
  • Ecorent [Delivers vehicles to your hotel or wherever!] (tel. 050-777-461 or 348-871-6221,
    • From €55 ($64) per day
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Don't be like these Sorrento scooter riders; wear a helmet, and keep both hands on the handlebars (I also wouldn't wear sandals) (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

Stay safe while driving a motorino in Italy