How to rent a bicycle in Florence

Despite the relatively traffic-free historic center, biking has not really caught on in Florence, but local authorities are trying to change that with cheap ride sharing rental bikes (

Rates are a mere €1 ($1) per 30 minutes, all done via an app.

These cheap city bikes are available from stands scattered around town.

Private bike rentals in Florence

If no cheap city bikes are left, you'll have to pay a bit more for them at a noleggio bici shop like:

  • Alinari, Via San Zanobi 38r (tel. 055-280-500;
    • €2.50 ($3) per hour, €7 ($8) for 5 hours, €12 ($14) per day (mountain bikes cost a bit more)
  • Florence by Bike, Via San Zanobi 54r (tel. 055-488-992;
    • €3 ($4) per hour, €9 ($11) for 5 hours, €12 ($14) all day (mountain bikes cost a bit more)
  • Ecorent [Delivers vehicles to your hotel or wherever!] (tel. 050-777-461 or 348-871-6221,
    • From €20 ($24) per day

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Touring Florence by bicycle (Photo courtesy of Viator)
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