How to get around in Florence

From the bus to taxis, bikes, and other transportation options in Florence

Florence's centro storico (historic center) is much, much smaller than that of most of the famous cities in Europe, and the bulk of it is pedestrian-only, so it's supremely easy to get about on foot. 

Honestly, you can walk from one side of the historic center to the other in under 30 minutes (15 minutes if you really hoof it).

Whatever you do, do not just hop on a bus. Every day, hundreds of tourists exit the train station and, as they have done in other (larger) famous cities, board a public bus in the hopes of heading downtown.

Within three or four stops, however, they find they have already whizzed past the center and are now out in the suburbs.

Honestly; I've spent probably a year of my life in Florence all told, yet I've only ever taken the bus a handful of times (and most of those were either up to get up the nearby village of Fiesole or into the hills above the Oltrarno).

So expect to walk just about everywhere. That said, below is how the various forms of transportation work:

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How to rent a bicycle in Florence

One of the minibuses that service the center of Florence (Photo by Hubert Gajewski)
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How to use the city bus system in Florence

The ZTL, or Limited Traffic Zone (Photo )
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Do NOT, under any circumstances, rent a car to get around Florence. If you are renting one to leave the city, however, read on for tips.

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How to rent a scooter, moped, or vespa in Florence

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The taxi cabs of Florence—plus car services, private transfers, and chauffeur services


The major neighborhoods, streets, squares, and landmarks of Florence

One of the minibuses that service the center of Florence

Tickets and passes for riding the Florence Métro, bus, and tram public transit system

Italy is best on foot (Photo )
By foot

Getting around Florence by foot—the best method

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