How to get around the Cinque Terre

Trains, ferries, and other transportation options in Cinque Terre

The regional rail line of Le Cinque Terre spends most of its time in tunnels, popping out at the town stations every three minutes or so.

Save for the bookend villages (Monterosso al Mare to the north and Riomaggiore to the south), none are easily accessible by car.

You can, of course, hike from one village to the next—that's kind of the point—but as for using public transportation:

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By foot
Cinque Terre

Walking around Cinque Terre

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By train
Cinque Terre

How to use the rail system in Cinque Terre

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By boat
Cinque Terre

Ferries, water taxis, and cruises in Cinque Terre

By tour
Cinque Terre

Getting around the Cinque Terre by escorted tour

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By car
Cinque Terre

Do NOT, under any circumstances, rent a car to get around Cinque Terre.

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