Ceramiche Rampini ★★★

The ceramics workshop dedicated to one of the great modern masters of Italian hand-painted pottery

This is the ceramic workshop and showroom of master Giuseppe Rampini's studio.

The maestro was born in 1923 in Gubbio, one of Italy's most renowned ceramics centers in nearby Umbria, and remembers gathering clay from the Tiber riverbed for his father when he was 8. Sadly, maestro Giuseppe passed away in 2010 at the age of 87—but his children, assistants, and acolytes continue to create here hand-painted ceramics based on antique Florentine motifs or inspired by the Renaissance art of Venetian painter Archimboldo.

The front space is full of pattern displays; the back room has individual pieces for sale (several of which have been purchased over the years by yours truly).