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The Chianti is politically still separated into two separate provinces (think: counties). The northern half is under the aegis of Florence; the southern half belongs to Siena. (Fun fact, that's why there are so many cool little Chianti castles to visit; Siena and Florence spent the Middle Ages vying for control over the region and trying to move that invisible line of control in their favor.)

As in all things Italian, that means that the Florence tourist office has plenty of information on everything in the Chianti as far as just south of Panzano (including Strada and Greve), while the Siena tourist office is a treasure trove of intel on everything from Siena north as far as that invisible line (including Castellina, Gaiole, Radda, and Castelnuovo Berardenga).

Most of the major towns also have their own little Pro Loco tourist office.

(If you are looking for where the invisible line crosses the main Chiantigiana road, it's just south of our recommended hotel of Villa Rosa in Boscorotondo.)

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