How to get around in Castelli Romani

Transportation options in Castelli Romani

Though a rental car will let you visit the most places in the shortest amount of time, you can get around the Alban Hills by public transportation.

Remember when perusing the options that buses may look faster than the trains, but only because they are leaving from the Anagnina station at the end of Metro line A, which is itself a 20-minute ride from Roma Termini.

The Castelli Romani by train

FS trains run:

  • Rome to Albano Laziale (51 min)
  • Rome to Castel Gandolfo (41–44 min)
  • Rome to Frascati (30 min)
  • Rome to Marino / Lake Albano (35 min)
  • Rome to Velletri (52–63 min)

There's also a special papal train direct from the Vatican to Castel Gandolfo (more at

The Castelli Romani by bus

Take Rome's Metro line A to the end of the line at Anagnina, where you can catch a COTRAL bus: 

  • Rome to Albano Laziale at Piazza Mazzini (29 min)
  • Rome to Castel Gandolfo (25 min)
  • Rome to Frascati at Pizza G. Marconi (18–25 min)
  • Rome to Genzano / Lake Nemi at Via Dalla Chiesa (51 min)
  • Rome to Grottafarrata at the bivio per Grottaferrata stop (19 min)
  • Rome to Marino / Lake Albano at Piazza Matteotti (29–40 min)
  • Rome to Rocca di Papa at Piazza della Repubblica (35 min)
  • Rome to Velletri at the train station (70 min)

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