Capri taxi cabs

Capri by taxi, Capri, Italy (Photo )

The taxi cabs of Capri—plus car services, private transfers, and chauffeur services

Taxis congregate wherever tourists do. You can often bargain, but to go anywhere usually costs about €20 ($24) to €25 ($30).

There are stands in Capri on Piazza Martiri d'Ungheria, Anacapri on Piazza Vittoria, and at the docks of Marina Grande and Marina Piccola.

You can also call for a taxi: 

  • In Capri at
    • tel. 081-837-0543
    • tel. 081-837-6657
  • In Anacapri at
    • tel. 081-837-1175
    • tel. 081-837-1414
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General tips of similar interest

Watch that meter! (Photo by Chris Goldberg)

Always use official, licensed cabs or trusted car services—and watch that meter