How to get around on Capri

From the bus and taxis to the funicular on Capri

Capri has a funicular from the Marina Grande docks up to Capri Town, and a small fleet of minibuses. Otherwise, it's all on foot or by the big, open taxis.

When you arrive at Marina Grande and get to the base of the dock, you have two choices.

  • Straight ahead to the left is a funicular up to Capri.
  • Head up the hill to the right for the bus stop for buses to Capri.

The funicular is more fun, but because of this has longer lines (well, the bus line is always long, too, but each bus can hold more people).

By bus

How to use the bus system in Capri

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By taxi

The taxi cabs of Capri—plus car services, private transfers, and chauffeur services

Capri Town

How to use the bus and tram system in Capri


The major towns, neighborhoods, streets, and landmarks of Capri

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Walking around Capri

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