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Informazioni turistiche (tourist information), Capri information, Capri, Italy (Photo )

The tourism information office of Capri

If you pop into the little Capri tourist office along the right side of the ferry dock at Marina Grande, there's no real need to visit the similarly tiny offices in town:

  • In Capri—Piazza Umberto I 1
  • In Anacapri‚ Via G. Orlando 19a, just off Piazza Vittoria. 

The free map they all hand out is fine for most visits, but if you plan on a lot of hiking and exploring, you'll want to buy the more detailed map; it's worth the investment. 

Get a good (current) guidebook (Photo )

Recommended guidebooks for travel to Capri—from a guy who used to write them

Visitor information offices (Photo )

Tourism information offices and desks in Capri


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