Campi Flegrei—The Phlegrean Fields buses and light rail

How to use the bus and commuter rail system in Campi Flegrei—The Phlegrean Fields

How to get to Pozzuoli from Naples

Pozzuoli is 20 to 40 minutes from Naples, depending on where in Naples you're starting and which form of transport you take.

  • The EAV Cumana suburban train runs from the Montesanto station in Naples to Pozzuoli, where its station is down in the heart of town near the Temple of Serapide. Travel time: ~20 min.
  • Naples Metro line 2 stops in Pozzuoli at a station near the top of town, just up Via Solfatara from the Amphitheater. Travel time: ~30 min.
  • Also an option: the regional train fun by FS, which leaves Piazza Garibaldi 2–4 time hours for the Pozzuoli-Solfatara station right next to the Metro station. Travel time: 39 min.

How to get to Solfatara from Pozzuoli

How to get to Baia from Pozzuoli

  • Take the Cumana suburban rail line from Pozzuoli to Fusaro (11 min.) then walk down Via Ottaviano Augusto (~15 min). Total travel time: ~25 min.
  • Take the EAV Archeobus Flegreo, which leaves at least once an hour from 7:50am to 8:20pm (10:20am to 7:30pm in Sundays) from a stop at the Temple of Serapide and, ten minutes later, the Anfiteatro Flavio. It will idle for a bit at Cuma (the end/beignning of the line), then make its way to Baia's Castello and museum about 30 minutes later (and the Baia archaeological park 5 min after that). Total travel time: ~80 min.

How to get to Cuma from Baia

  • Take the local Miseno-Bacoli-Miseno bus, with departures Mon-Sat every 70 min from Piazza De Gasperi (in front of the Baia archaeological park). Travel time: 30 min.
  • Take the EAV Archeobus Flegreo, which leaves at least once an hour from 7:30am to 8pm (10am to 7:10pm in Sundays) from stops at the Castello di Baia museum and, five minutes later, the Baia archaeological park. Unfortunately, it is kinda heading the wrong way for you, as it will swing east through Pozzuoli before returning west to the end-of-the-line station at Cuma. Travel time: 55 min.

How to get to Cuma from Pozzuoli

  • Take the EAV Archeobus Flegreo, which leaves at least once an hour from 8am to 8:30pm (10:30am to 7:40pm in Sundays) from stops at the Temple of Serapide and, ten minutes later, the Anfiteatro Flavio. Travel time: 35 min.

How to get to Lago d'Averno

  • Currently, the only public transit option is the EAV Archeobus Flegreo, which has a stop at the Lago d'Averno. It is 8 min. from Baia's archaeological park, just 3 min. from the Baia Castello and museum, and 38 min. from Cuma. Since the bus is on a circular route out of Cuma, if you want to get to Lago d'Averno from Pozzuoli, you'll have to ride to Cuma, idle for a bit, then take off on the circle again for a total of 90 min.

Note: The decrepit "Circumflegrea" rail line that runs inland around the Campi Flegrei from Naples Montesanto—forming the northern half of a shaky rail circle around the area (the Cumana rail line forms the southern, coastal half)—in some years does not even stop at the Cuma station, and at any rate the station is a long, long walk from the main site entrance (and the site entrance nearest the station is open only at 10:15am and again at 12:15am, open again as an exit only at 12:15pm and 2:15pm). Crazy. My advice: Just use the buses.



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