Getting to Assisi

How to get to Assisi, Italy, by train, car, or bus

Assisi isn’t the simplest town to reach by train, but it’s definitely doable. Assisi’s train station is 4.8km (3 miles) from town, requiring you to wait for the half-hourly bus (line C), or take a €12 ($14)+ cab ride.

A walk to town up the steep roads amid heavy bus traffic isn’t recommended.

Trains from Rome connect through Foligno, a journey of close to 3 hours. It takes about the same time from Florence, transferring at Cortona.

Perugia is only a 30-minute train ride from Assisi.

Buses also connect Assisi to Perugia and Gubbio and parts beyond via the bus terminal at Piazza Matteotti.

Driving to Assisi

The drive to Assisi is about 193km (120 miles) from Rome, 177km (110 miles) from Florence.

Take SS3 from Perugia, then the SS75 in the direction of Foligno.

The Assisi exit drops you in the modern lower town (Santa Maria degli Angeli), where you have to keep your eyes open for signposts to Assisi up on its hillside.

Parking in Assisi

Parking is pretty much impossible in town, but available in a variety of pay lots at the edges for about [e]11 per day, [e]1.50 per hour (ask your hotel when you call to book and they’ll direct you to the closest lot where they offer a discount).

If you’re willing to walk a few extra blocks, free parking can be had below the pay lots at Porta Nuova, in the road or dirt lot across from the hospital.

The Porta Nuova lot has a covered escalator reaching town level.

You can also drive up and around the city to reach free street parking on Vai della Rocca the approach to the Rocca, avoiding the steep hike up there (just avoid the first section; that's for residents only).

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