Assisi taxi cabs

The taxi cabs of Assisi

Where can I get a taxi in Assisi?

You usually go to an official taxi stand or taxi rank—which are located at train stations and bus terminals and near all major tourist sites—like outside the Basilica of St. Francis and at the E end of Piazza del Comune.

It is rare in Italy to hail a taxi on the street. You can try to do it, but it's just not something that Italians do and so many (confused) cabbies will not bother to stop for this weird tourist who, for some reason, is frantically waving his or her arms at them from the edge of the sidewalk. 

Alternatively, you can call a taxi to come get you—though that costs a bit more, since the flag falls when they leave to get you, plus there is a call fee. This is the Assisi "Radio Taxi" number:

  • tel. 075-813-100

How much do Assisi taxis cost?

There's an initial flag fall/pick-up charge of €3.50 ($4)—even if you only go half a block. On top of that, rates are based on distance (and/or, if you're stuck in traffic, time).

In any legitimate cab, the official rates will be displayed. 

Only ever take a metered taxi and make sure it is set to charge the appropriate tariff for the time of day.

Here are official supplements:

  • Nightime (9:30pm–6:30am): €3.50 ($4)
  • Sundays: €2 ($2)
  • Baggage: €0.70 ($1)

Tip 10% to 15%.

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Watch that meter! (Photo by Chris Goldberg)

Always use official, licensed cabs or trusted car services—and watch that meter