Boats from Naples to the Amalfi Coast

Getting from Naples to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast by ferry or private boat transfer

Sadly, there are currently no direct ferries from Naples to the Amalfi Coast proper—though until 2012 there was one, so it is worthwhile to poke around the Internet or local tourism offices to see if that service has been reinstated. (For the record, it used to be called Metro del Mare.)

However, you can get a ferry from Naples as far as Sorrento, or you can pay for a private boat transfer.

Ferries from Naples to Sorrento

The only company currently offering Naples-Sorrento ferry service is, with six departures daily (roughly every two hours from 9am on) from Naples Molo Beverello docks.

The ride takes 40 minutes, and costs €13.10 ($15) (plus €2.10 ($2) per bag).

Private boat transfers from Naples

You can get a private boat transfer from Naples:

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Amalfi Coast cruises and multi-day sailing trips

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