Boats from Capri to the Amalfi Coast

Getting from Capri to the Amalfi Coast by traghetto (ferry) or aliscafo (hydrofoil)

No need to go back to Sorrento from Capri before heading to the Amalfi Coast (unless you want to). You can get a direct ferry from Capri to Positano or Amalfi.

The price of a ticket has too many factors—company, speed (though for some reason slow ferries rarely cost much less than fast hydrofoil jet boats), whether you are going to or from Capri, bags (add €1.50 ($2)–€3 ($3) each) whether a run is OSP (required by law; cheapest)—to put them down precisely, but here are are the cost ranges, frequency of boats (in high season), time of transit, and ferry companies:

  Fast jet / slow ferry Tickets Daily runs Companies
Capri to Sorrento 20 min / 30 min €14 ($16)–€22 ($26) 34
Capri to Positano 30 min / 60 min €18 ($21)–€21 ($24) 8
Capri to Amalfi 60 min / 85 min €20 ($23)–€24 ($28) 6

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