Amalfi Coast seasons

Amalfi Coast seasons, Amalfi Coast, Italy (Photo )

When to go to the Amalfi Coast

The summer high season

The mid–June through August high season draws the biggest crowds, highest prices, and hottest weather.

The spring and fall shoulder season

May and September are much more pleasant on every front—cooler temperatures, fewer crowds, and sometimes even a discount on prices.

What about the Amalfi Coast in winter?

Winter is most definitely the off-season along the Amalfi Coast.

Many hotels and restaurants simply shut down from mid– to late October until just before Easter.

Of course, for those visitors who do brave the winter here (and enough hotels and restaurants remain open to make that feasible), you can have much of it to yourself. You probably won't be doing much swimming—but the Amalfi Coast is more about the beauty than the beaches anyway.


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